Dave Rave 3G - Mixcloud Streams

On April 28th I opened and closed a banger known as Dave Rave 3G at The Sycamore House in Harrisburg. DJ Business & DJ Pleasure sandwiched a pretty sick top 40/mashup set between the double dose of mayhem you can stream below. If you like what you hear, hit up flyingcircusent@gmail.com for booking or come out to my weekly residency [RSVP].


Olivia Bell

Flying Circus Entertainment has taken up managing the career of dance pop vocalist Olivia Bell. A Parisian born native of Cameroon, Bell currently resides in Philadelphia and has the whole world ahead of her with songs like lead single "Shut Your Mouth". Listen to the track, and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Show Review: Shabazz Palaces

My friend Bessam asks me to play tracks by Shabazz Palaces at every Thirsty Thursday, so of course we went to see them at The Blockley on a Monday. As an added bonus, King Britt was spinning between sets and a friend of a friend's band (Ghost Craters) was the local opener. A few originals and covers (including "Wave of Mutilation") later, Shabazz took the stage and proceeded to alter all preconceptions I had of a hip-hop show. Ish Butler rapped and did live programming while Baba Maraire played various forms of percussion and served as hype man. Hype was the last word I would use to describe the show though. Intense, perhaps even mesmerizing, would describe the experience much better. I went through a progression from 'academically intrigued' through 'thoroughly impressed' to 'life changed' and then celebrated with the jubilant nu disco of !!! briefly before ducking out to catch DJ Kwestion down at Liberty Bar on the way home. Support Sub Pop's only hip-hop group however you can, and check out some shows at The Blockley. They're doing good things.

Show Review/Free Download: The Great Socio

When I saw The Great Socio's return to The Grape Room on April 13, I was very impressed with the new material. It is substantially funkier, fully living up to the "groove rock" description that keeps getting thrown around. The new drummer holds it down behind the kit, fulfilling the promise he showed at the Bong Hits for Jesus jam at Dobbs a while back. Alberto and the boys are poised for some serious business, and you should probably grab this free download and tell all your friends about it. I did, and then I played it at a bar, and people liked it.

As far as the show, it peaked when Supreem from Da Rezarekt and Alberto from The Great Socio dropped a verse and a trumpet solo, respectively, on a song from headliners Love Panther. Thereafter everyone stumbled out into the night, headed for the obligatory afters at the TGS house. They're going to be all over the place for the next few months. I plan to catch them at MOJO in Newark, DE June 20th, and they'll be back at The Grape Room July 28th. That gives you plenty of time to learn all the lyrics to this and their many other excellent jams.


Show Review: Darry Miller & the Veil

I finally went and saw Darry Miller and the boys at a show I had nothing to do with booking and enjoyed it immensely. The Legendary Dobbs on South Street was the venue, Friday was the night, and the place was packed. New bassist/background vocalist Josh Kirwin, formerly of Captain of Compliments, meshes well with the band's always-impeccable stage presence, and newer synth-oriented material like single "Quite the Substance" demonstrates the songwriting diversity that earned them Tri-State Indie's Central PA Band of the Year. Most impressive, however, was their cover of MGMT's "Time to Pretend", a song they've made completely their own as far as I'm concerned. Skip to 6:30 for the "Time to Pretend" cover. This is from Radio 104.5's excellent "Live @ 5" series.